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The village of Tolox is situated inland approximately 60 kilometres from Malaga and forty kilometres north of Marbella. The village has a long history, which dates as far back as the 10th century. It was once part of a Moorish kingdom in the area and has seen much fighting between the Moors and the Christians. Tolox village is rural enough to enjoy authentic Spanish activities, but close enough to enjoy the tourist attractions in the resort area of Marbella.

Main Tourist Attractions

The most prominent attraction in Tolox is the renowned Fuente Amargosa Health Spa, which attracts many visitors each year. It lays near to the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Reserve, another great attraction for walkers, cyclists and hikers. The spa uses the water from the mountainside and is said to contain a slightly radioactive gas which is an effective treatment for respiratory problems. The gas is sprayed directly into the mouths and noses of those who wish to see if it helps. There is a small museum located within Tolox which houses many beautiful arts and crafts. Golfing facilities are available in the surrounding area of Tolox; for those who love the beach Marbella is under an hour’s drive away.

Shopping Opportunities

Due to Tolox being a rural and authentic Spanish village, there is not much in the way of shopping opportunities for the shopaholic. You will find local business that offer a limited range of items but you are sure to find something that you would like. You could choose from Spanish clothing, leather goods, pottery, art, ornate linen and jewellery. An open air street market is held every Wednesday morning in the village which offers local goods including fresh fruit and vegetables.

Eating out and Nightlife

Tolox has several excellent restaurants which offer traditional Spanish dishes. Tapas and local specialities can be found here, but international cuisine options are very limited.

Nightlife is usually a subdued affair, which is why this location is popular with older couples. Having said this, the village comes alive twice a year with two fiestas. Shrove Tuesday sees the residents taking to the streets and throwing talcum powder at each other. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, held in December, allows the residents to be as noisy as possible, ringing bells in the narrow streets. Both celebrations last well into the evening.

For dancers, the nearest nightclubs and discos can be found in the resort of Marbella.

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