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Luxury executive villas, Apartments, Penthouses to Rent long term.

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Who are Villas Spain Rentals Limited ?

About us

Villas Spain Rentals is a UK registered Company with offices in the UK and Spain.

We have been providing good, honest, independent advice to clients looking to buy property in Spain for a number of years and we are pleased and proud to add the website Villas-Spain-Rentals.com to our services. 

Why rent a long term executive property through us?

All our Directors and staff live in Marbella Costa del Sol Spain this means you will benefit from our in depth knowledge of the area and the property and apartments offered for long lets in Spain.

We only deal with long term rentals and the Costa del Sol ensuring you get very specialised advice.

We have a huge choice of top end luxury properties including penthouses, apartments and stunning villas in Spain to rent.

You will deal with real people we are not a property portal.

Long term villa and mansions including apartment rentals covered.

You will receive a fast and professional response to your enquiry.

No charge to you.

Villas Spain Rentals Ltd is owned in part by The Overseas Living Group who can also offer advise on gaining the best rates for Spanish mortgages for our clients wishing to purchase property in Spain. We have a huge portfolio of property for sale and as we are based in Marbella on the Costa Del Sol we have lines into many of the big banks here and are able to get better rates for our clients due to the volume of Mortgages we are able to process.

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